Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conquering As Best I Can

Have you seen this video?  One of my all time favorites.

  The last few weeks have been overwhelming for me and this video kept running through my mind.  I felt like every time I would get something accomplished, another mountain popped up in its place.

I had things like catching up on the books for booster club, getting ready for my ragnar race, my stake calling through LDS Family Services, and my primary class, not to mention housework, meals and running kids everywhere.  Don't even get me started on writing for the newspaper, keeping up with my blog and editing my book.  There were days I didn't know where to begin so I logged into my Facebook and sat there.  I avoided pretty much everything besides the basic needs of my children, like cold cereal and diaper changes.  We did spend some lovely days at the park (avoiding stuff needing done at home), and I did cook on that one night of the week that I trade dinners with my dear friend, but beyond that, it was pretty much a fend for yourself attitude around here.

I wouldn't say I was depressed, although I can see how it could be described as that.  It was more of a sense of relief that since I had graduated from ASU, I had "nothing" on my plate.  Nothing with deadlines, is more like it.  I kept saying, "I'll get on that tomorrow."  Tomorrow never comes, have you ever noticed that?

So I came to the conclusion that I would have to make some changes.  #1 - I stopped blogging, it wasn't necessary.  #2 - I chose not to open my manuscript and work on that, it wasn't important...yet.  #3 - I even slowed down on my Facebook posts.  Did anyone even notice?  Doubt it.  Then, I focused one one thing at a time until I felt like I had crossed off enough of those mountains to feel like I had accomplished enough that I could try and get back to work on the things I wanted to spend more time doing.  Whew, that was a long sentence.

I feel like I'm there...for now.  My house is spotless clean enough and our home cooked dinners most every night home cooked dinners outnumber our fast food purchases.  Now I have more time for my beloved crack cocaine Facebook and my manuscript.  Oh yes, and my family.  And my stake calling.  Oh, and my primary class.  

They're all mountains though, aren't they?

I love Baby Bear's persistence in getting over each mountain even though he struggled with a "cwamp" and he complained about how hard it was and hoped there wasn't another mountain, he pushed on.  Towards the last mountain, he was going pretty slow, but he never gave up.  Then, at the end, he was rewarded with a surprise at seeing the meatball and Snuffy.  I think that is just life, we have obstacles in our way, but we push on and struggle and complain, but in the end, there is going to be something absolutely wonderful.  
I know it.