Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There seems to be a decline in the amount of volunteerism these days. I understand there are lots of double income families and by the time you both get home from work and take care of your house and family, the last thing you want to do is volunteer. I get it. I really do. I've come up with three reasons why you need to get out and serve more.

1 - IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO STEP OUTSIDE YOURSELF and think about others for a while. Serving someone else in need helps us find perspective regarding our own struggles. This last year I was the coach of a cheer squad made up completely of special needs girls. They were eager to learn and we always had so much fun. But after my hour of coaching was done, I thought about those parents who went home every day and worried and prayed and sometimes struggled with caring for their precious daughters the other 166 hours in the week.

2 - FRIENDSHIPS. I have made some of the best friends through my years of serving through children's sports. Fourteen years ago I met some of the nicest people through volunteering with Pop Warner. To this day we remain close. We have cried over our players as parents divorced and siblings passed away from cancer. We have cheered for them as they grew up and went on to play high school sports. All because we chose to volunteer.

3 - IT HELPS US GROW AS HUMANS. I got involved at the high school when I noticed the same handful of people were doing everything on the booster club. It didn't take long till they were burnt out. I stepped in and offered to help and through that association I have learned a great deal about tax laws, accounting, people skills and more.

Maybe it's selfish but I think that when we selflessly help others, we always get something from it. The rewards are sometimes immediate like I've mentioned above, but there is a greater satisfaction in knowing that I may have lifted someone up in their time of need.

The ways to serve are countless. You can serve on your HOA, the PTO of your school, at your local hospital or pet shelter. Volunteer at your child's school or even better, at the high school! There are ways to serve within your town, your neighborhood or your church.

I promise you the blessings are immeasurable.