Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day of National Poetry Month

Day 25 - Weather poem inspired by another poem (I chose Shel Silverstein's Sick.

"I cannot go and hang with you."
Said my sweet boy whose name is Drew.
"I have a cough, sore throat and a rash,
my head hurts, I just want to crash.
My tummy hurts, my toe might be broke,
the way I feel is not a joke.
See the thing right next to my eye?
I think I'm coming down with a stye.
My fingers are numb,
I must sit on my bum.
What's that you say?
Free golf today?
All of a sudden I'm feeling better.
It must because of the wonderful weather."

Day 26 - Monorhyme Poem

Club Wrestling for kids
These tiny little wrestlers are cute.
It's hard not to sit here and root.
I write my poems and try to stay mute.
Until one of them lets a big toot.
And the big guy that thinks he's a brute.
Goes after the kid in hot pursuit.
Until his pants fall, his poor sweat suit.
The entire display is such a hoot.

Day 27 - Rictameter

Work is struggle
What reward do you want?
Put in the work to match the desire.
Reap the satisfaction of a job well done.
Laziness is a detriment.
Don't get too distracted.
It is worth it.

Day 28 - Pensee Poetry (I have two)

Grown up yet not.
Driving everyone crazy.
Circle K makes everything fine.
They say this too shall pass.

Mature but young.
Preparing for the future
Waits by the mailbox for the call.
It's hard to say goodbye.

Day 29 - Pyramid Poem

Moist Cookies.
Moist Cookies Wait.
Moist Cookies Wait Patiently.
Moist Cookies Wait Patiently in the cupboard.

Day 30 - Credo Poem (This might have been my favorite one to try)

I believe in teenagers.
     The ones who are poor,
     The ones with no parental support.
     The ones who pretend like they don't care what I say.
     The rich, lonely, popular and the beautiful.

But I don't think they always get a fair shake.

I believe in positive encouragement.
I believe in second chances.
I believe in pats on the back, polar pop love, listening well and the good that can come from social media.

And I believe in their power to do something good in this world, make something of and for themselves while I sit back and remind them, "I always believed in you."

Sunday, April 19, 2015

National Poetry Month...AGAIN!!!

I love April. I love it for its weather, track season and end of school activities but most of all I love it for poetry month. I always look forward to my friend Stephanie as she challenges us with a new type of poetry every day. You can find her blog and links to her poetry challenges by clicking here. You won't be disappointed.

But, as this month always seems to do, I get busy and run out of time to write something every day on social media. I carry around my notebook and jot down my lines as they come to me. This month I traveled with my oldest daughter and had no access to the computer to share my poems so I'll share a bunch of them here for all five of you who read me. Explanations can be found back on Stephanie's blog on how to create your own poetry.

Day 12 - A poem about your favorite book (Mrs .Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freeman)

Katherine Mike, a woman of strength
Moved to a land unfamiliar.
Found purpose, overcame danger and enjoyed true love
In the wilderness of Canada
As a young woman
early in the 20th century.

I like to think I'm like her,
My wilderness unknown.
Intentionally parenting  in a dangerous world with my true love.
In the desert of Arizona
a young woman in an older body
early in the 21st century.

Day 14 All About Me poem (and one about Marly since we were driving together when I was working on this)

Dedicated, energetic, passionate, intuitive 
Sibling of Allison, Melissa, Donny, Candice and Brittany. 
Lover of Ben and Diet Pepsi 
Who fears losing control. 
Who needs Time to write 
Who gives as much as she can. 
Who would like to see the castles of Spain. 
Resident of San Tan Valley 

Devoted, go-getter, stubborn, independent 
Sibling of Vance, Drew, Skylar, Katy, Tawny, Anny and Derek 
Lover of cheerleading and coaching 
Who fears drowning. 
Who needs good music 
Who gives sound advice 
Who would like to see her dreams come true. 
Resident of Mesa 

Day 15 Grammar Poem (My FAVORITE so there are several)

The Yukon
Brown and Reliable
Transports us comfortably
Like a Kangaroo carries its babies
If only it got better gas mileage.

Wedding Ring
Brilliant and sentimental
Symbolizing reverently
As a quiet reminder of promises made
If only everyone treated it as such.

Running Shoes
Grey and yellow
Waiting patiently
like a snake waits for its meal
If only I wore them more often.

Confident and able
Shining quietly
Like a lioness leads a pride
If only she knew her potential.

Reverent and uplifting
enriching us spiritually
Like a horse being led to water
If only more would choose to drink.

Powerful and reverent.
Inviting the spirit vocally.
Like the crash of a giant wave
If only you knew how to swim.

Day 16 Spring Senses Poetry (not gonna lie, not my favorite)

Looks like a fresh cut field of grass
Sounds like the bang of a starting gun.
Feels like warm sun on the skin.
Smells like sweaty uniforms.
Tastes like a cool glass of water.

Day 17 - Book Spine poems (So Much Fun!!)

What Love is
Any Given Day.
A Walk in the Woods,
A Thorny Path,
Running Into the Wind.
Confessions of a Slacker Mom
On Wings of Faith.
Stolen Identity,
Always Looking Up,
No Apology.
Finding Paradise
Following Christ.
Wake up to a Happier Life.

Hop on Pop,
Are you my Mother?
A Time for Everything,
Falling Up,
Great Expectations,
Elephant Games,
A Flea in the Ear,
Bear Wants More.
The Greatest Adventures of All Time
Giggle, Giggle, Quack.
My Dad is Awesome,
My Mom is Excellent.
Believe it Or Not!

Day 18 - I remember or Memory poems

I remember...

The anticipation of that first kiss under the dim light of Smitty's parking lot after we got off of work when you pulled me toward you as you leaned against your old yellow Mazda car.

The love I knew I had as I sat parked in my red pickup truck in your parents driveway when you told me you loved me for the very first time.

The satisfaction of knowing I would be your wife for eternity as we knelt across the altar in that sacred building in St. George all dressed in white.

Day 19 Cinquain

Sacredly One
Working hard everyday
Making sure the other feels loved.