Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day of National Poetry Month

Day 25 - Weather poem inspired by another poem (I chose Shel Silverstein's Sick.

"I cannot go and hang with you."
Said my sweet boy whose name is Drew.
"I have a cough, sore throat and a rash,
my head hurts, I just want to crash.
My tummy hurts, my toe might be broke,
the way I feel is not a joke.
See the thing right next to my eye?
I think I'm coming down with a stye.
My fingers are numb,
I must sit on my bum.
What's that you say?
Free golf today?
All of a sudden I'm feeling better.
It must because of the wonderful weather."

Day 26 - Monorhyme Poem

Club Wrestling for kids
These tiny little wrestlers are cute.
It's hard not to sit here and root.
I write my poems and try to stay mute.
Until one of them lets a big toot.
And the big guy that thinks he's a brute.
Goes after the kid in hot pursuit.
Until his pants fall, his poor sweat suit.
The entire display is such a hoot.

Day 27 - Rictameter

Work is struggle
What reward do you want?
Put in the work to match the desire.
Reap the satisfaction of a job well done.
Laziness is a detriment.
Don't get too distracted.
It is worth it.

Day 28 - Pensee Poetry (I have two)

Grown up yet not.
Driving everyone crazy.
Circle K makes everything fine.
They say this too shall pass.

Mature but young.
Preparing for the future
Waits by the mailbox for the call.
It's hard to say goodbye.

Day 29 - Pyramid Poem

Moist Cookies.
Moist Cookies Wait.
Moist Cookies Wait Patiently.
Moist Cookies Wait Patiently in the cupboard.

Day 30 - Credo Poem (This might have been my favorite one to try)

I believe in teenagers.
     The ones who are poor,
     The ones with no parental support.
     The ones who pretend like they don't care what I say.
     The rich, lonely, popular and the beautiful.

But I don't think they always get a fair shake.

I believe in positive encouragement.
I believe in second chances.
I believe in pats on the back, polar pop love, listening well and the good that can come from social media.

And I believe in their power to do something good in this world, make something of and for themselves while I sit back and remind them, "I always believed in you."

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