Thursday, December 11, 2014

S'mores My Way

I don't care for chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream or most chocolate all by itself. I like it sometimes but I have to be in the mood.

I don't like to be cold unless I'm camping, sitting on my chair cuddled up with a good book and blanket, or when it's drizzling and I'm bundled up going for a run but not cold enough to see my breath. I'm very picky about my cold.

Right out of the oven.
I'm also picky about my s'mores. I like them when my sister makes them into bars using chocolate chips, little marshmallows and graham cereal so all their goodness is contained.

I love roasted marshmallows all by themselves. I like them burnt, I like them golden brown and frankly I could eat a bag of uncooked marshmallows if it was placed in front of me. I also love graham crackers. So, you can see how I might have a problem with S'mores the way they are traditionally made. Plus, I hate it when I roast my marshmallow perfectly then mash it between the graham crackers only to crunch on the chocolate, have all the mallow goodness ooze out and my graham cracker crumble to pieces.

I ate this one while typing and hardly
any chocolate got on the keyboard.
What I'm about to share with you is no secret. I'm sure this wasn't invented by me, but I like to think I came up with it on my own stemming from roasting marshmallows in the oven as a kid thanks to my mom. Sorry if you invented this and I don't give you credit.

The best way to avoid the tragedy of the traditional s'more is to bake them in the oven. You won't get cold from being outside and they come out perfectly. To begin, turn the oven to 350 degrees. Place a square of graham cracker on a cookie sheet covered with foil (that way we can throw the foil away without getting the pan dirty. Did I mention I hate to wash dishes?) Place a small amount of chocolate on the cracker and top it off with a large marshmallow. You can play with the amount of chocolate you use based on your desire to be a little messy or super messy. I bought the giant bar (7oz). Last night I used one square and it was super messy and too chocolatey (is that a word?) for my taste. Today I made them with 1/2 a square and they came out perfect.

Place them in the oven (I used a small cookie sheet and could fit 8 s'mores at once which is good for large parties or dessert for families with 8 children like mine. Don't walk away unless you like the smell of burnt marshmallow. It only takes about 3-4 minutes for the marshmallows to start browning and the chocolate to melt. When they are browned to your desired perfection remove them from the oven. Squish the top graham cracker on top gently and watch the awesomeness happen. I let mine sit for a few minutes to cool and let the chocolate cool before I eat mine. Enjoy! I know we do.