Monday, January 2, 2012

Bad Mommy Award...or do I just train them well?

Sometimes I get caught up in what I'm doing and since I generally lock myself in my office (there is no door to my office, it is a figurative "lock"), sometimes I forget to pay attention to what my little ones are doing.  I mean, there are like 6 other older people in this house, I feel like I have eyes all over the place.  Well, my attention was riveted on a Netflix documentary called Hey, Boo: Harper Lee & To Kill A Mockingbird (Very, very interesting). I was watching it on my computer while doing some crafting (New Year's Resolution see here) and Skylar came down and asked where Derek was.

Panic set in.  Do you know that feeling?  My heart started to pound and my hands started to get tingly.

I didn't know where he was and I hadn't seen or heard from him in over an hour.  I knew he was upstairs watching t.v. last I remembered so I ran up the stairs.  I thought maybe he fell asleep watching television or  playing with some toys.  I looked in all the rooms upstairs where the lights were on then ran back downstairs and looked some more.  I ran back up the stairs and into his bedroom which was dark.  I turned on the light and there was my sweet baby boy.  He had crawled into his bed and even covered himself up with the sheet (don't ask me why it wasn't on his bed).  Whew.  My heartbeat has slowed considerably and the shakiness in my fingers is subsiding as I write about it.
So, does it make me a bad mommy for my lack of supervision?  Or am I a fabulous mom for training him to do exactly what he ought to do when he gets tired?  Don't tell me, I don't want to know.


  1. Hey, Mary and Joseph lost sight of Jesus for an entire day! It happens. lol Imagine explaining to Heavenly Father that you lost the Messiah.

  2. That actually made me feel better Donna.