Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Thursday - How I spend my state tax refund

I hate to shop.  Loathe it.  I dislike it almost as much as wearing anything purple.  But, there is one day of the year that is the best day for me to go shopping.  It is the day I get my state tax refund!!  I use mine to shop for non-food items to replenish my supply so I don't have to shop throughout the year.

That is how I choose to spend my refund every year.  I'd like to go on a fancy trip (not that that is a bad choice, just not my choice), I'd like to splurge on something fantastical (I did spend some of it on Marly's senior year sports camp in August), or I'd like to fix up some stuff around the house. For me, I like knowing that almost everything I need is on hand without making a special trip to the Chevron to buy a package of toilet paper. (not that I would ever do that, but you know what I mean)

Some of you are wondering why with a family as large as mine, why don't I do the coupon thing?  I think it is too much work and the stuff I get is normally the store brand name stuff anyway which rarely goes on sale.  I like  to just get it over with and have it on the shelf.  Besides, the comments I get while I'm shopping are priceless.  You can just imagine.

I took Drew and his friend Nate with me.  They absolutely loved helping me until they were told by employees that they could not ride on top, that it was unsafe.  I refrained from saying anything earlier for fear of losing my title of "coolest mom."  I knew it wouldn't be long until someone set them straight anyway, glad it wasn't me.

This is the loot we came home with.  It isn't all there, just most of it, but you get the idea.  I spent a pretty penny stocking up on these items that I hate running out of:
Body Soap
Bar Soap
Hand Soap
Vacuum bags
Hair ties
Band Aids
Antibiotic Ointment
Cold Medicines
Pain Medicines
and more.

But, even better than that, is being able to put it all away.  I'm a huge fan of all those cute ways to organize things, but for me, just seeing everything where it ought to be, in mostly even and organized rows is good enough.  I'm glad I didn't take a pre-picture because it was so awful and unorganized.  It is also a great time to clean out things too.                                                                                I organized the little girl's hair stuff and cleaned out my jewelry box.  I threw away old ribbons that someone had cut too short or clips that were past the point of repair.  Earrings that had lost their match or were broken were throw out too. I found all the stray rubber bands and put them in a baggie, along with all the bobby pins.                                                        For small things, I have some bins, like on the bottom shelf for the batteries.  The razors and shaving cream are in a bin of their own, along with the toothbrushes and floss that don't stack very neatly.                The very top of the cupboard is for the unopened packages of toilet paper and paper towels.  When they get opened, they go down lower where small people can reach.  I put the lotions and children's detangler up high so that they can't reach them without help.  Same goes with the feminine products.  I can't for the life of me figure out why they like to open them up.
As I was cleaning out my jewelry box (it didn't take long, I don't own that much.)  I came across the small drawer where I keep all my sentimental things.  I don't ever use them, I just like to take them out sometimes and show my kids and stroll down memory lane.  
Some of my friends will find it humorous some of the things I still have.    
My charm from completing all 5 years of girls camp, back when we were Yearling, Mountaineer, Inspirator, Adventurer and YCLs (I'm very proud of that.)  Mother's Day charms from the kids.  The watches I wore back when I didn't own a cell phone.  My Smitty's name tag that I wore when I met Ben.  Ben's missionary name tag that broke so he mailed it to me.  The first time I was ever the team mom for Vance's football team. (Who knew that I would eventually become JohnsonTeamMom?)  Vance's Eagle pin for his mom that Says Eagle Mom.  The silhouette pin that came from my Grandma Whetten when she passed away.  And, the funniest thing I have kept is the little ring that my boyfriend in 9th grade gave to me (anyone know where Marlin is these days?)  Ah, a walk down memory lane.  Good times.

Before I cleaned out the medicine cupboard
Then, I moved to the medicine cupboard.  I purchase new bandaids, ointment, cold medicines, etc. to replenish what we have used throughout the year.  I pull everything out and check expiration dates.  I throw out stuff I know is too old or that is not used anymore and dispose of it properly, then I put everything back.  The top shelf is for the new bottles of stuff or things like the albuterol for the breathing machine and extra boxes of bandaids and miscellaneous first aid stuff.
After I cleaned it out

When it is all cleaned out, it is easier to find things and I don't worry about things that are old and expired getting used.

I keep the things that we use most often on this shelf so that they are easily found and accessible.

That is what I do with my state tax refund.  If you get one, what do you do with yours?


  1. WOW, Nice Loot... Getting well stocked is always a good idea and looks like you got the essentials taken care of. It's too bad that the products are disposable and will be gone in no time.

  2. Tell me about it. I just hope it lasts a year.

    1. What is a tax refund? Haha but seriously?

  3. hhmmmm.....that wouldn't be a year's supply of toilet paper for us....but we have bigger girls. We use part of the tax refund for year's supply too, except this year, cuz we need the money for a bigger house, and I really don't want to move a year's supply so I've quit mega-shopping for now.

  4. I LOVE to organize my pantry and closets when I come home with a stash of "goods". We're so alike, we must be twins. Conjoined. Of course. I probably absorbed the part of your brain that tells you safety comes before cool moms. I love being the party-pooper. :)

  5. I stocked up on similar items plus snack foods we run out of a lot. I just went back to Sams Club to buy 6 huge cans of nacho cheese sauce LOL.

  6. Your hygiene cabinet really looks in order, I'd be sure to fix mine as well.
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