Friday, March 16, 2012

I love being a mom, but where is the balance I'm searching for?

I feel like I got home from my writer's conference and was so on fire for my writing and then what did I do with all my new energy?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Well, unless you call helping my friends do some editing/critiquing on their work and beta reading for another friend's novel.  I have done tons of laundry, caught up on my house cleaning and then fell into spring break with a thud.  I've gotten almost all the kids to the dentist for checkups and one for a filling.  I shopped for and purchased all the fabric and patterns for Easter dresses and I've spent some quality time at the chiropractor and working on my church callings.   The garden is finally in and the weeds in the front yard are fairly under control. I've done a ton, but I still have some trouble balancing work time and family time.  I don't really ever want to work, but I want to cross this book off my list and get it out there.

I feel like once I get caught up, there is just that much more to do.  I have two articles for the paper due by the end of the month and I'm happily spending time with a new friend and supporting her in some huge life decisions she is making.  I really am struggling with the job of treasurer for the booster club and need to get that up to date.  My office is a never ending pile of things that need to be put away and will I ever decorate my family room or work on my personal progress goals?

I love being busy, but I'm overwhelmed sometimes and feel like if I could just have a day or two at home without my kids and without having to clean up around here, maybe I could get some writing done.  Maybe.  Then again, I'd probably make a run to the QT and then spend the day napping or hanging with my friends on Facebook, right?  I love being a stay home mom, I love being a stay home mom, I love being a stay home mom...

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  1. No matter how much stress from obligations, responsibilities, chores and others, the best thing about what you share is that you are have so much love from all your bundles of joy. Such an inspiring account my dear. Thanks for sharing.