Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Workout

In April, I was running a lot.  Here I am marking my mileage at the race.
I did it again, I went almost a whole month without posting.  So lame; I guess some of those mountains still have not been conquered.  Here's another mountain I can't seem to conquer...regular workouts.  Since I ran my Ragnar Relay Race back in April, I have gained almost 25 pounds.  I have two pair of pants that fit and I hate one of them.  I feel like a blob too.  I carry most of it in my stomach so I've done a lot of sucking it in lately, but it is driving me crazy.

There are these stupid nagging thoughts when I'm in a situation such as this, and it messes with my brain so much, you can't even believe it.  And here is one: If I can't exercise, who cares what I eat?  I hate it when I think like that.  I've been eating a lot lately; crappy food too.

I broke my toe several weeks ago and my toe/foot have been miserable since so I am unable to run.  I have gone to the gym several times with Jana because I can ride the bike or use the elliptical.  Problem there is that I can't get to the gym consistently enough to see the value in the few times I have gone.  Here is another one of those nagging thoughts:  If I can't go every day, or at least 5-6 times, then the 2-3 times is pointless.  Stupid, right?  So, I stopped going to the gym and kept on eating.

I'm taking control again starting Tuesday.  Don't ask me why Tuesday, it is part of the stupid game my brain plays.  But I'm done making excuses, I can tell you that.

I'm curious, what are your excuses for not exercising?


  1. Well for what it's worth, I never noticed that you've gained any weight. My excuses for not exercising: I don't like to, I'm going to put the weight right back on when I have another baby anyway, I don't like to, I'm too tired, I don't like to, if I can't do it before my kids get up in the morning, then I just can't do it, and I just don't like to.

  2. ugh, I hear ya. I worked out 5-6 days/week before Hawaii. I've worked out maybe 5 or 6 times since I've been back! I can't get my routine back. I don't know how I've managed to maintain my weight, but it's all going to flub now. I keep saying "today is the day" and it doesn't happen! Good luck!

  3. Well, I wrote a big 'ol long post and it got lost... so here are the cliff notes. I'm experiencing the same thing. 25 pounds since April. I even had no wheat, sugar or dairy religiously for three weeks, and gained another 10 pounds. I am seeing a naturopathic doctor right now and he said my adrenals were fatigued and stressed. Doing my own research that is exactly what is going on with me... and it affects your thyroid, too! So, he is helping me strengthen those. I had to break down and buy bigger clothes for 99 cents at Goodwill.

    Two weeks ago Don and I watched this video: We started it the next day. It has been a great thing for us. I am recording my experience on my other blog: weshallconquerthis.blogspotcom

    I can echo every thought you mentioned... especially when I was gaining so quickly and eating so good. After a few weeks I was like forget this - if I am going gain, I am going to enjoy it! Doesn't make sense as I type it, but I am beginning to see some changes.

  4. Oh boy howdy, that list would be too long!!!! Point is, we all know it's good for us but it's just plain hard for all different reasons. I am proud of you and your new resolve though. 25 pounds?? seriously?? I don't believe you. You always look so thin and beautiful to me. And seriously, you did work out with me Tuesday night, remember? (tee-hee)

  5. Oh, Stacy, I am sad for you. That is so frustrating when you don't feel good about your weight. I would say try to get your eating under control and then try to conquer regular exercise. Exercise won't do that much if you are eating garbage. I have wondered the same things you are wondering which is why do we sabotage ourselves?