Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm A Poet and I Didn't Even Know It...ha ha ha, not really

I have a lot to say.  I have these things all stuck in my head and they need to come out.  It isn't necessarily because I think anyone else needs to read or hear it, but if I don't write about it, it stays stuck there.  It causes me to lose sleep and to be distracted when I'm awake so I write.

I belong to a fabulous group of LDS writers called ANWA (American Night Writers Association).  I have been a member for over ten years now and have appreciated the things I have learned and accomplished.  It is through this group that I found an outlet for the crazy stuff inside my head and how to get it out there.

I don't write a lot of stuff for the general public, but I do write a lot.  I write for a newspaper called The Beehive (you can read my latest article here), I have been published in our local Independent paper, I am on Facebook more than necessary and I blog.  I even wrote a fictional story a while back that needs some serious editing.

Writing is a major outlet for my creativity.  But I'm a mother and wife first so sometimes my writing gets put on the back burner.  That's why I love my writer's group so much.  It gives me a reason to write something...anything, to keep the creative juices flowing, even if it is only once a month we get together.  

At our meeting last night, we learned about Acrostic poems.  Basically, you take a word and write it down, like this:
So, the subject of my acrostic poem will be  Then, you start your poem by using the letter at the beginning of each line to create your poem.  Here is an example:

Someone once said
That I could become whatever I wanted
And so I set out to be a 
Career girl, then motherhood called and I answered

So, that is kinda cheesy but you get the point.  It can also be something like this:

Words all jumbled inside my brain.
Really wanting to be shared.
In the quiet hours of the night or day.
The keyboard gets used.
Everyday I try to carve out time.
Reassured that someday when the kids are grown, the time will come.

Haha.  I'm the worst!! But it is kinda fun to see what you can come up with.  So, stop what you're doing and write me an acrostic poem in the comments, seriously, those took me like five minutes, obviously...Get those creative juices flowing, I dare you.  I'd love to see what you come up with.

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