Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Parenting Book Review

I love a good parenting book.
 “But this is a football book?” you argue. 
Why yes, it is.  And it is a WONDERFUL resource on how to run a family too!!
While Bronco isn’t the author of the book, he assisted them in putting together how to build a successful team by sharing the things he has done during his career as BYU head football coach.  Much of what he learned came from the mentoring of author Paul Gustavson and can be applied to managing a business, coaching a team or running a household.  

Bronco’s approach uses the analogy of five smooth stones, just like the ones that David used in the Bible to slay Goliath.  The chapters go in depth on how to apply these principles.

Smooth Stone #1 – Organizations Can Craft a Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Differentiation
Smooth Stone #2 – Organizations Are Perfectly Designed to Get the Results That They Get
Smooth Stone #3 – Organizations Are Made Up of Business Processes, and Not All Processes Are Created Equal
Smooth Stone #4 – Knowledge Is the Purest Form of Competitive Advantage
Smooth Stone #5 – Effective Leaders Capture Hearts and Minds

The book gives background on Bronco’s life and how he came to be the BYU head coach.  The next 11 chapters cover his program processes and the nuts and bolts of his program.  This was some fascinating information on how to run a successful football team.  They were all things you can apply in your own family, like differentiation, all work is not equal, knowledge and the impossible.

One of my favorite things about the book are the Quick Response (QR) codes throughout.  After reading about a process, you can link up to a youtube about what was just discussed.  For example, chapter 6 is titled Champions On and Off the Field.  On page 148, it gives the QR link to this video (see the video here).  I loved Bronco in real time talking about these principles.

The second section goes into great detail, the Smooth Stone analogy.  At the end of each chapter, they even give suggestions on how to apply the principles to your organization.

Bronco uses football as a vehicle to teach greater life lessons.  He emphasizes Faith, Family, Finding Knowledge, Friends, and then finally Football and in that order.

You don't have to be a football fan or a BYU fan to appreciate this book but if you are, it makes the reading that much better.  Go get yours today.

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