Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April is National Poetry Month

...and I am way behind on my daily postings of poems. I was doing them mostly on Facebook but I have gotten a few days behind so I'll post them here for my mom and dad and the two other people who read my blog and/or care about my poetry, ha ha. If you haven't been following me on FB, I have been taking my daily cues on what types of poems to write from my friend Stephanie at She has taken all the work out of it for me when it comes to choosing what to write each day and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to stretch myself as a writer.

So as a catchup, I'll start with Day 19 which was free verse. It turned out to be harder than I thought and while both of these are quite amateur, I think there is some potential in them and they will be revisited soon.

My Closest Friend
Procrastination is my closest friend
We often spend time together
Saying “tomorrow I’ll have more time”
When the reality is that I know I won’t.

So instead of saying “I’ll do it later”
I have been trying to do it now.
Except for the laundry
And I'm confident I"ll get to it tomorrow.

Easter Peeps
Easter Peeps you are delightful
I love your large packs of three
From chicks and ducks to little birds.
Your sugary goodness delights me.

Until I’ve eaten too many to count
And my sugar levels start to rise
I take a break and eat some cheese.
Because if I told you I could eat just one…
I'd be full of lies.

Day 20 -Grateful Poems

I want to take a moment
And be grateful for things I hold dear.
Family, friends and talents
And diet Pepsi ‘cause it could have been beer.

Sincere Gratitude

My body is a blessing
I can work and run and play
I try to always be grateful
When I say my prayers each day.

 There was a time when it was broken
"You'll never run" I heard the doctor say.
My fighting spirit knew this wasn't right.
My doctor trusted me when I said, "no way."

Day 21-Onomatopoeia (check out this link for awesome words

My babies are noisy when they play;
They swoosh when they go down the slide.
There’s the bling bling when Anny rides her bike
And the carink when Derek is on his sweet ride.

But my favorite sounds are when they are still;
Like the hhrrnngg when they snore sound asleep
And the gibber they whisper when sharing their dreams.
Their noises are treasures I’ll keep.

Day 22 Nature Color Poems

Green is the succulent and prickly leaves
The aloe vera my burn it relieves.

Yellow the tulip standing tall and strong
It basks in the spring sunshine all day long.

Brown is my dead, sorry, depressing and overgrown yard
With some water and love enjoying it won’t be too hard.