Thursday, May 14, 2015

CHS Class of 2015

When my daughter Marly (class of 2013) was a freshman, we told her it would be so great to be a part of the beginning of a new high school. She would be part of the group that created a culture, started traditions, and got the sports and clubs off to a good start.

I told her there would be sacrifices to be made to be a part of the first wave of students from the school. There certainly were frustrations and many tears but she loved her experience as a whole. She was and still is a proud Coyote alumni, but this isn't about her.

Drew and me at his 8th grade promotion May 2011
Those early classes paved the way for your class, the class of 2015, the group of kids who would be on our campus for five whole years because of the 8th grade academy. You have seen the very beginnings, the good as well as the bad and are now part of the greatest class in our school's history. That doesn't take anything away from the previous classes because that's the goal, right? To get better every year and take what the previous class did and build up on it, improve it and make it better. Stronger.

And build it you did. And I want you to know that I knew it from the beginning. When Drew was a freshman, I told him to get ready for big things from your class. It was obvious that you would make a difference.

You decided to bring sunshine through the rain clouds of doubt and uncertainty to a school that desperately needed you. You planted seeds of positivity and success in your sports teams and clubs. You promoted school spirit and goodness with your diligence to academics and activities both during school and otherwise. You took the prank it forward and built upon its goodness by supporting one of your own. You tweeted, Facebooked and Instagrammed your support to Mason as he has dealt with his illness. You volunteered, you served, you were excited.

Senior Pictures
And now you are reaping the harvest of all your hard work. You can look back at your senior year and see the fruits of your labors. You had lots of teams who made it to state playoffs as well as individual champions like Rico (2X wrestling champion), Bourgeous (wrestling), Dunker (Discus), Rosales (FBLA), and Aby as Player of the Year (Basketball division 3). Your basketball team was the state runner ups! Your music groups continued to excel and win awards and you cheered on our Unified basketball team exactly the way you should by filling the bleachers.

You have been blessed with excellent teachers and coaches. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, they were there to see you succeed. You can't imagine the extra hours they put in on your behalf without getting paid. They know this isn't about money or fame for them, this is about helping you put your best foot forward. Your success is their success. Acknowledge them for what they've done with a handwritten note, a handshake, or whatever you can to let them know you appreciate them.

Let's not forget your parents who supported you with rides, money for activities and all the times they sat in the hard bleachers or drove long distances to watch you. If you think they didn't support you, think again. Maybe they worked two jobs so they could have the money for you to participate knowing they wouldn't be able to attend anything. And if you still don't think they supported you, there were lots of parents cheering you on silently. You have been worried about, prayed for and loved on during your high school career. Thank your parents and your friend's parents too.
CHS Homecoming parade 2013?

But it really isn't the end, is it?  

Now you have to take everything that you learned and put it to work. Some of you will become teachers and administrators, business men and women, artists and authors, you might be professional athletes too. You will attend colleges or trade schools, join the military, serve missions, get married and have families and some of you will work at McDonalds. No matter where the road ahead takes you, be the best you can be.

Work hard. Set goals. Serve others. Be kind. Do good.

Remember all that you did individually and collectively as a class and go out in the world and conquer it. You are the future and I feel confident my future is in good hands. You will be the teachers of my grandchildren so set a good example. You will be the creative souls who will make our world beautiful, please work from your heart.

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