Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Challenger Cheer and my Growing Heart

My girls are back and we're off to a great season already! This year we have four returning girls and two new ones! We had to grow our coaching staff to provide some more one on one for our girls so we also have 5 varsity cheerleaders who coach with us. AND IT GETS BETTER! One of our girls last year turned 18 and is now my assistant coach! How lucky can we be? That makes 7 coaches and 6 girls, woot woot!!

Our squad has been working hard since the beginning of August learning our cheers and chants for the football games. We have been perfecting our jumps and our tumbling as well. This year we are with the Flames football team and we couldn't be more excited about that because Coach Marc loves us as much as Coach Larry does.

Photo Courtesy Kim Skinner www.kimskinnerphotography.com
I've mentioned before that my heart grows every time I'm with my girls. At a Varsity football game recently, one of my cheerleaders was sitting in the stands and saw her coach (who is a varsity cheerleader) and kept gesturing to her mom that she wanted to go down there and cheer with her. She absolutely LOVES being a cheerleader!

I feel so much love when I show up to practice because of all the hugs and attention I get from each of them. At the end of practice we ask each girl to tell us what they did well at or enjoyed about practice and at least every other practice one of them mentions that they just love their coaches and teammates. They also mention how proud they are of the new skills they have learned.

We have been invited to participate in the Regional Cheer Competition in Southern California again and are in need of sponsors to get us there. Last year there was about ten of us and it cost around $2500 for hotel, gas, food and fees for each girl and one parent as well as our coaches. This year there will be at least 18 of us so our cost will go up considerably.

One thing that is great about the South East Pop Warner league is that we never ask our parents to fundraise or pay for one thing. They have enough on their plates. We have had our shirts donated (THANK YOU COACH MARC) and even new uniforms purchased all free of charge. We want to keep it that way so we need your help. If you feel like you are able to donate to our cheer squad, please send a check to:

SouthEast Pop Warner
Attn: Challenger Cheer
PO Box 282
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Your donation will allow my girls and their parents go on a quick trip to Southern California where they will show off their skills as cheerleaders, coaches and let's be honest - extraordinary human beings.

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