Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Cost of Things

Recently, the topic of sacrifice has been something crossing my mind nearly every single day. I see it in Facebook posts of those who want better jobs, want to make better life choices, or even those who want to lose weight.

To get what we want, there is a cost. Sometimes we have to give up something we like in order to have or do something we like more? I'll give you an example. Ben is a great employee at his company. He works hard and has the potential to move up the ladder if he wants but he keeps taking new jobs at work that aren't promotions, they are more like lateral moves. Why? Because he loves to coach football. There have been many times when he was up for a promotion (including a significant raise in salary) but chose not to take it because it would conflict with his ability to work from home and have the time needed to coach.

Some would call this a bad choice but for our family, but always the one we knew was right. We may never be rich and he may never have the prestige at work that so many long for, but he is able to do a job he enjoys while loving his job as football coach, which brings a different measure of prestige in itself.

What's my point? My point is that no matter what you want in life, it is going to take sacrifice. Mostly, it will cost you time and/or money.

Time - To lose weight, you can't expect a magic pill to do all the work for you, you will need to invest some time into exercising and strength training. Training for a race will take some time away from home to get you to the fitness level you want to compete at, and going to school is time spent in class and studying. Only you can decide if the time is worth sacrificing.

Money - If you want to lose weight, it may cost some money to join a gym or invest in a diet plan. If you want to run a triathalon, it may cost money for equipment and clothing. Maybe you want to gain some technical skills for your job, you may need to invest in a class or some training. Only you can decide if the money is worth sacrificing.

Most things take a little time AND money to accomplish. Only you can decide if the sacrifice is worth it.

For me, I have a tight budget caring for my large family so my investment of time is where I focus my efforts although I do pay for a gym membership because I love the variety of machines I can use. I generally have a very hard time paying for something I know I can get cheaper or free somewhere else. Someone once told me how lucky I was that it was so easy for me to be so "skinny." It was hard to take it as a compliment because this person obviously didn't know me very well. I work very hard to be the size I am and I love appreciate my body and what it allows me to do. I exercise fairly regularly and I don't watch television. I do a lot of coaching and volunteering and my family spends a TON of time outside together.

I make very detailed grocery lists for home cooked meals with lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean meats. I rarely have chips, crackers, cookies or frozen quick meals available to my family. (Although we drink too much soda, I'll admit that). Some days I wish we had a sugary snack in the cupboard to satisfy my sweet tooth but yet that rarely comes true for me because I know I would eat an entire bag of candy corn if it were placed in front of me.

So, what is it you want? A better job? To run a marathon? A better relationship with your spouse? To lose some weight?

What do you want and what are you willing to sacrifice?

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