Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trying to be the Cool Mom

My dad, Drew and Skylar
Several of my friends confirmed it today on Facebook so it must be true.  Now I wish I had a picture of me being the cool mom so I had proof.  I will let the sunburn on my arms and neck be my witness to those that see me.

I went golfing today with two of my boys and their Grandpa.  Poor hubs had to work today and well, someone had to do it.  I'm just happy they asked me.  Maybe I have always been cool to them and I just didn't know it.

Ben asked me to go golfing with him when Drew was just a baby.  I went and fell in love with the game that very day.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that lots of people think Ben looks just like Phil Mickelson and I think he is a hottie.  But, I knew (hoped) that ahead of me were many long years of pregnancies and nursing babies.  I told him that I had so much fun, I knew it would be an activity we could do together after I was done with kids so I could actually spend some time enjoying it on a regular basis.  I hadn't thought of that day until last week when the boys asked me to take them.

We invited my dad to come along.  He hasn't golfed since his surgery a few years ago and I think he was nervous.  He had a great time and after I snapped the picture, I stared at it longingly, hoping it isn't the last one I get to take of my dad with my boys.  I also hope he gets many  more golf outings with all of his grandsons.

So, I am in love again.  Of course, I'm not quitting my day job and going on the women's tour, you'd think by my score that I was going for the highest possible strokes.  I'm thinking I might have found my Christmas gift suggestion to Ben: golf lessons.  I need them.


  1. Golfing with my family has been a normal practice since me and my hubby love the sport. Although, that said, it's a source of a lot of frustration for my kids and I get feedback from them, usually along these lines- "I'm bored," "I hate this game," "this isn't a sport." But then again, I just know they'll get to love it eventually.

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