Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year and Resolutions

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
- Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog

I'm a goal setter by nature, but I love it when the whole world (or at least most of it) is setting goals with me.  I can feel it in the air, everybody is inspired and charged up for doing better and making positive changes.  That is what goal setting is all about, right?  Making ourselves better.  My goals last year included writing my novel - check, graduating from college - check, and doing a better job of keeping my house clean - that one is debatable.

On the other hand, I hate it when people write resolutions or goals without having a plan to succeed.  What good is an offensive line without a plan as to how to get the ball down the field?  I plan on reaching towards my potential this year with my goals and I'm going to do it play by play, yard by yard.  It may even come down to inches next December, but I'm gonna score a touchdown in the end.

So, I offer you the suggestion that along with your goals, you make a plan to achieve them.  I'll share my four goals this year with you and my plan for accomplishing them:

1 - Run a marathon - Run or cross train daily.  Run a 5K in February, Ragnar in April, marathon in the fall.

2 - Earn my Personal Progress Recognition as an adult.  Every Sunday, devote some time to one or more goals.  If you aren't familiar with this program learn about it here.  It is implemented through our church.  Ask me for more information because anyone can do it.

3 - Be more crafty.  This is a rather vague goal, but for the last several years, I have been occupied with school and church responsibilities and have neglected some of the things I actually love to do but could not justify spending time on.  Well, game on people.  I am crafty and I'm going to display my crafty side one project each month.  I have a note taped to the wall next to my desk with various projects that include sewing Easter dresses, hanging curtains, learning how to make frames from crown moulding and more.

4 - Complete novel for printing.  I wrote my novel this year, but it needs tons of work...more than tons even.  So, I plan on editing one hour each day during the week or an average of 5 hours per week.  It may be more, it might be less, but I will have it finished by October 1st and ready to print...or query a publisher.

So, that is my list, how about yours?  What one or two things do you have on your list and what is your plan to achieve them?  How will you score your touchdown in 2012?


  1. Oh to be HALF the women you are!! Seriously gonna have to say your my hero! :)

  2. Ha ha. I should let you see my goals when I had all small children at home, it looked like this:

    Get dressed most days of the week.

    Take a shower a few times a week.

    Read a non-children's book this year.

    You get my point. I'm at a different place than you. You need to recognize how great you are at this very moment. You are. I know it.

  3. Oh..sweet! I am stealing the "small children at home" list....I might be able to accomplish some of those this year! Hahahha!

  4. What a good point, about creating a plan for each goal! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on finishing your novel. I have so many book ideas in my head, but to actually complete the task seems so impossible!