Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The anniversary getaway because we deserve to get away sometimes.

Once in a while, my husband takes me on a trip away from the kids, just the two of us; the thought of eating out and not having to clean up after anyone, sleeping all night undisturbed and waking up whenever I want, watching whatever I want on t.v. or reading in peace sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?  It is, and our marriage is worth it.  I just can't believe I didn't take any pictures.

For our 20th wedding anniversary, we went to Heritage Inn Bed & Breakfast in Snowflake, Arizona.  The temperature was a constant 70ish and we even got rain on Saturday night.  The B&B is located on Main Street in this quiet little town.  It is decorated in antiques and the grounds are covered with beautiful roses and other flowers.  Each room is different, ours had a queen (note to self, there is a reason I have a king at home).  We had a claw foot tub, wood floor and beautiful furnishings.  After checking in, we went and walked around the LDS temple grounds.  The temple is even more beautiful close up, it is up on the top of a rise with beautiful flowers, green grass, waterfalls and gorgeous views of the town.  The architecture is awesome.

Later, we drove to Taylor, just a few miles away because someone told us the pie at Trappers was the best.  I had coconut cream and Ben and apricot a la mode.  It was as good as they said.  The dinner wasn’t bad, in fact I enjoyed my fish and Ben had a small steak. 

We enjoyed a buffet breakfast on Sunday morning compliments of the B&B, then made it to the Snowflake 6th ward for 9am Sacrament Meeting.  Everyone was so friendly and inviting, especially the lady who didn’t just show me where the restroom was, she went in with me and waited and visited with me while I was in the stall, ha ha.   After church, we changed and hopped in the truck for what I think was the highlight of our trip; we went looking at lots for our own future B&B.  

We found a great spot in Shumway, between Snowflake and Show Low.  There will be plenty of room for sports camps, small church groups, retreats, family reunions, etc.  All I really want to do is make sure there is enough room for a tire swing, slide, and other great activities for my grandbabies when they come to visit, you know, to make up for all the things I couldn’t give my own kids, ha ha again.  Oh yes, we are getting a dog kids then too.  Only 13 more years…

We had a fabulous lunch at Mateo’s Mexican Grill and Cantina in Show Low after driving around and deciding we didn’t want to build anything out that way.  The food was wonderful and I’m so glad we happened to notice this little place on White Mountain Road.  They had a small salsa bar but their pico de gallo was heavenly delicious.  And, if you like menudo, theirs was awesome, as was the fish taco and carne asada burrito and soapapillas we enjoyed.

Breakfast on Monday morning was the best.  It was served to us on the patio, cloth napkins and all.  The German pancake was to die for and Ben had a two egg omelette (big surprise).  The hospitality was unbeatable, I felt like I had someone catering to my every whim. 

As for entertaining ourselves the rest of the trip, I’ll just leave it at this; we watched a few movies, relaxed on the hammock, took naps, and enjoyed being together.  We made long term and short term plans for the future too, I’ll fill you in on that soon.

Do you ever get away with your spouse?  When our kids were small, we would just grab one night here and there every other year or so.  We’ve even gotten a hotel a few miles away just to get away for a night.  Sometimes when Ben would travel out of town for two weeks in a row, instead of him coming home for the weekend, I would fly to him and stay a few nights.  We have only gone away once when we stayed longer than a few days, but with my kids so small, I had a hard time being away that long.  I imagine my time will come when I won’t feel so tied to home and little kids that I will be able to really relax and stay a bit longer. 

Tell me where you enjoy getting away to (or where you would like to get away to if you haven’t) when you get away with your spouse.  I would love to get some fresh ideas.


  1. I'm leaving a comment, because you said to - proof that I read this post.

    Tomorrow is our 20th too. Someday my husband will not be a school teacher, and we may actually celebrate (the not being a school teacher, AND our anniversary) lol.

    Sounds like you had a blast. And you SO deserve it!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful anniversary! Last year was the first time we had gotten away for our anniversary in six years. We went to Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains. It was wonderful and beautiful with it being Autumn! Before that we would get away maybe one night a year, if that. It is so much harder when the kids are little and you have so many. This year we are planning to go up to Indianapolis. Don't know how it is going to quite work out yet with the kids, but we are getting away for sure.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. It seems to be a romantic place for dinners and couples.