Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rice Cooker Review

My rice cooker recently took its own life when I left it on the roof of my car after delivering dinner to a neighbor. It was almost ten years old anyway, so I bought a new one. I chose the Aroma© 10 cup rice cooker and paid right around $40. I love it! It has a digital face with three different cooking options for the perfect serving of white rice, brown rice, or steamed vegetables. It also has the option of a delay timer and a keep warm setting.  With its large capacity, it is the perfect cooker for serving a large family or entertaining.  It came with a rice paddle too!

It is a cinch to work, even my ten year old can cook rice with it. Using a metric measuring cup, dish out your desired amount of rice, fill with water to the equivalent water line (4 cups rice= water line 4) and place pan inside of cooker. Push the power button, push the white rice button and walk away…easy peasy.

The only problem I have found is that even though the rice pan is a removable dish for washing, it is difficult to remove and I struggle with getting it out of the cooker while it is hot. I can’t let the 10 year old attempt it because she is certain to burn herself.

I always be careful to use the rice paddle so as not to scratch the pan and I also hand wash the pan so it lasts longer.  While it is a pretty durable appliance for kitchen use, I cannot recommend driving down the road with the cooker on the roof of the car.

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  1. If you ever loose the little flexible disc (I think they call it a bladder) that goes in the steam vent, know this: that little piece only costs a dollar, but they charge you $3.50 for the shipping.

    Just fyi

    love my rice cooker too
    Great invention
    wish I'd had one when I got married