Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I might Blog about Next...

There are so many things going through my head right now, ideas and suggestions from friends on what to write about.  I seriously can't wait to get started.  Here is a sample of what may be coming.  
  1. Chore Charts and how I work my magic.
  2. Recipes - I may include its own page just for those.
  3. Priorities - How I get as much done as I do with as much on my plate as I have.
  4. Organization (or lack thereof).
  5. Me time and why I think it is vital.
  6. Dating your spouse - you are doing this, aren't you?
  7. Money saving tips.
  8. Splitting household responsibility with your spouse or My husband cleans our master bathroom, I am in charge of the bedroom or I NEVER take out the trash and he ALWAYS cleans up the vomit.
  9. Why having a large family brings me such joy.
  10. How I give each of my kids personal attention.
  11. Money and budgeting.
  12. Teaching children the value of money.
  13. At what age do I start my kids with household responsibilities?
  14. The value of technology on the family.
  15. Why a super long summer is not good for me.  Kudos to the teachers who are with my kids most of the day.
  16. What happened to old fashioned good manners?  
  17. Sometimes I think my kids are farm animals, they just graze all day.
  18. I am a fan of public education, but if you choose to go elsewhere, have a good reason.
  19. How I spent my summer vacation and other ideas devoted to free or nearly free things to do all summer long.
  20. The power of thinking positive when it doesn't seem possible.  Or, being the mother of small children is hard work.
  21. I should have gotten a degree in parenting after 20 years of on the job training, but I didn't, so I went to ASU and paid thousands of dollars for this cool diploma.
  22. Lessons I have learned from my children.
  23. How my priorities have changed through the years.
  24. What I wish I had known when I had my first child.
  25. How to bridge the relationship gap between siblings or What my 19 year old does to form a bond with his 19 month old brother.
  26. You think I do this alone?  Meet my support staff.
  27. Overcoming guilt in parenting.
  28. And so much more!!  Stay tuned...


  1. You have awesome ideas for topics! I would actually love to read some of these in the future. Your blog looks great, I hope you keep it up. The header picture is adorable. The farm animals post has the potential to be hilarious. Good job. :)

  2. Please do a post on "What happened to old fashioned good manners" but make sure to included HOW to instill manners in your children in today's world. I loved reading your stuff--You are amazing Prima!