Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writing Is Therapeutic

Writing for me has always been fun.  I write when I'm happy, I write when I'm sad, I write when funny things happen or when I don't want to forget something.  With the popularity of blogging, I kinda trailed off with my personal journal although I still write down personal things there and while working on my Personal Progress, I write a lot of spiritual insights there.  But, writing for me has always been therapeutic.

It may have started when I was young and my mother would leave notes for me on my bed or dresser and I would find them after coming home from school or work.  Sometimes they were just the kind of notes that would pick me up and lift my spirits, sometimes they were reminders that I needed to do a better job of pulling my weight around the house.  I love notes.  I keep every note that someone writes me and put it in my safe place or hang it near my desk so I can read them often.  Having said that, I don't keep cards that just say what Hallmark wanted me to hear and a Love, (insert name here).  Those require no effort and they hold very little meaning.

I also have a "10" rule.  When I'm mad, I do try to count to 10 before exploding or when I'm mad at the school or an organization I belong to, I have a 10 day rule.  Maybe you have heard me say "Don't make me write you a strongly worded letter," maybe you haven't.  I always write them, but my policy is not to mail them for 10 days so I have had a chance to cool down.  I rarely end up mailing them because after that long, the issue usually seems trivial or I can rewrite my letter from a better perspective.

I wanted to share something my friend in Utah wrote.  She, like most of us, is frustrated with the policies of her local school district.  I'm not too fed up to do anything about it yet, because most of the policies don't make a difference to my child's education, they are just stupid; don't get me started. Anyway, she created a Family Disclosure Statement to send to the school.  It is hilarious.  She isn't actually sending it in as of now, but it is things like this that are therapeutic to me.  I wish I had thought of it first.

While I agree with it all, I also have a deep respect for public school teachers and administrators.  I know you have a tough job and I am not trying to be disrespectful, I know that for the most part, you do it because you want to make a difference for a child.  But, this is dang insightful.  You do not want to skip reading this.


  1. Oh dear!
    You know you have arrived when "the angels" begin "quoting" from you.
    :) (That is what I'm going to post on her page)

    Beautopotamus truly has a way with getting to the heart of it, the essence of parenting. I think the combined wisdom of her, and Kristine, and you, could truly be "what needs to be known" about being a parent.

    And that includes every post - because it is all of the "therapy" combined that tells the true story.

    Thx for blogging.

  2. LOOOOOOved the Family Disclosure!!

  3. Being without school age children, and coming from an educators background, I can only hope that being on the parent end isn't that hard. Sounds like I will be in for a wild ride in a few years though...

  4. Allison, you will be just fine, there just may come a point where you are thinking to yourself (and maybe on paper) "Are you kidding me?!" and then you move on to other things.